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Chairman, Club Secretary, Child Protection Officer

Occupation: Senior Implementation Manager

What role involves:
I have had many roles within the Football Club as a whole and now have responsibility of being  Chairman / Secretary and Child Welfare Officer.

The Secretary’s role involves liaising with the relevant Football Leagues and Manchester/Lancashire Football Association. I handle the league registrations for all teams as well as ‘player fines’. I also have the responsibility of the facilities/maintenance of the club such as utilities, insurance and any ad hoc administration.

My initial role as Child Welfare Officer has enabled the Club to get the coveted status of Chartered Standard, allowing us to then move up to Development status. This has been achieved through the help of the many Managers and committee members involved with the Club, all of whom have contributed to the success and growth of the Club over the last fifteen years.

Part of my role is to ensure that all the Club’s Coaches have completed their Level One FA badge, completed a First Aid Course, Child Protection Course and have Criminal Records Checks done, which enables us to provide qualified coaches to coach football to our members.

How long been involved with club:
Eighteen years ago when David and I took our son Christopher down to football on New City Road. At this point little did we know how much we would get involved with the Club. My own personal vision has always been that we provide good quality football for our members at grass roots and to see their enjoyment is rewarding.

It has also been very rewarding to be a Trustee for the Club and watch as the Club has grown significantly in the years. The Club’s achievements over the years have been significant and I am sure that this will continue.

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